Examination And Evaluation

  • The academic year is divided into three terms and at the end of the term there will be examinations. There will be continuous and comprehensive evaluation. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation means the academic aptitude and achievements in the class room as well as the students' social behaviour with peers, superiors and relatives, and emotional areas and personality development etc. are constantly monitored. Comprehensive and continuous evaluation will be the criteria for promotion with minimum 40% marks in academics (written Papers)
  • Students absent from an examination for any reasons will not be re-examined.
    (a) Willful breach of the regulation for the conduct of the examination is punishable by expulsion from the examination hall and subsequently leading to the cancellation of the paper,
    (b) Candidates who are detected in giving or obtaining or attempting to give or obtain unfair assistance or who otherwise are detected in any dishonesty whatsoever will be expelled from the examination room forthwith and be refused admission to subsequent papers or expelled from the School.
  • Reports will be withheld for non-payment of school dues. Absence from a subject excludes a student from being reckoned in the order of merit in the examination.
  • For promotion, a student has to obtain clear pass in major subjects.
  • Promotion refused will not be reconsidered.
  • A student who fails shall forfeit for the ensuing years any concession in the fees, and may even be advised to leave the School particularly, if his/her conduct has not been satisfactory in the School. If a student fails twice, he/she will have to leave the institution.