Principal's Message

It was the third week we had started our school. The painful weeping and cry of the tiny ones were waning out. To build a rapport with them I entered their classroom and striking a conversation, I asked, “Who can run the fastest?” and at once every one shouted aloud, “I”. There I saw the beaming conviction of human potential. Every child believed that s/he could do anything. Not remaining the same person who entered the class, I came out of the class with a greater responsibility to facilitate and support the belief and dream of the little ones.

Every child is a bundle of possibilities. S/he is an uncarved angel of love awaiting to extend hands and hearts to the uncared and dying. A daring fledgling awaiting to take a fierce flight to meet a genial neighbor in the horizons of the unfathomable extend of outer space. A reed awaiting to tune in the soulful symphony that brings together the broken borders, separated by a false identity of immortality. Another Clay awaiting to be molded for defying human grit in the arena of the highest, fastest and strongest.

We the grown-ups have a moral obligation to discover and enable the human potentialities latent in the young minds. The way we talk to a child, the way we caringly correct, the way we supportively challenge, the way we instill in them dreams, the way we set example, matter. They are in the process of carving their worldview, what we express to them overtly or covertly will become their point of view. In other words round the clock we are influencing these impressionist minds.

We are collectively investing our best on these little ones and we are not only hopeful but also absolutely sure that they are going to prove worthy of our dedication and loving care and the world is going to be blessed through each one them.